Benedict Evans
I’ve spent 20 years analysing mobile, digital media and technology, and worked in equity research, strategy, consulting and venture capital. I’m now an independent analyst.
I try to work out what's going on and what it means.


I write a weekly newsletter around tech and media, picking the 10-20 pieces of news that actually mattered and explaining what they mean, with analysis and opinion to put things in context.

Launched in 2013, it now has 150,000 subscribers, with a wide and senior audience in technology, media and finance.


Would breaking up ‘big tech’ work? What would?

Most of the things we worry about in tech aren't actually competition problems, but even where they are, breakups are unlikely to be effective. Network effects are natural monopolies and breaking them up doesn’t change that. The real answers are in much more detailed and micro work, regulating the internal mechanics of these products, line by line, much as we regulate telcos or credit cards.


Every year, I produce a big presentation digging into macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. This year, ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’.